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remodeled kitchen
A&S Home Improvements, LLC is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

A&S Home Improvements, LLC in Hendersonville NC specializes in installing, repairing, or upgrading the following:

  • Kitchen Remodels

  • Bathroom Remodels

  • Porches

  • Additions

  • Basement Finishes & Remodels

  • Damage Repair

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Tile Showers

  • Flooring

  • Doors & Windows

  • Painting

Perhaps it has already occurred to you. A remodel is much cheaper than a new house and the costs of a move. With the correct remodeling contractor such as A&S Home Improvements, LLC in Hendersonville,NC, you will have a whole new home with far less time, hassle and effort on your part. At A&S Home Improvements, LLC, we aim to make the remodeling process easy for you while putting an emphasis on quality and workmanship.

No doubt, you have many ideas about your home. We can help you make decisions and stay within your budget. We will follow your directions, warn you of any potential roadblocks to your plans, and provide the services that you need to get the job done.

At A& S Home Improvements, LLC, we make every effort to be the only remodeling contractor that you will need. Usually a job begins with construction. We remove or build interior and/or exterior walls. We reface or replace cabinets. We refurbish or replace sinks, vanities, tubs, and showers.

We can do one room or the entire house. We thrive on a variety of projects, big and small. Again, we put you in charge and follow your plans. We want the finished product to reflect your style and fill your needs.

Remodeling removes eyesores, cleans up spaces and updates styles and colors. We always provide painting, flooring and other finishing touches. We want the final product to be ready for your use when we finish.

Kitchen remakes, bathroom overhauls and added rooms can add to your ability to sell your home. It can also add to your home’s marketability. Most of all, remakes, overhauls and redo’s create a home that looks fresh, clean and new.

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